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If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to ask and I can elaborate and explain further. Thank you for your attention to this matter :)

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More Blood Versus SS Reiji vs. Ruki Translation



Shu vs. Yuma    Reiji vs. Ruki    Subaru vs. Yuma   Laito vs. Azusa


[Warning: I gave you one … …]

Side Sakamaki Reiji:

――Tit for tat[1]. I would’ve never thought that I would  have been brought into a chain of inconceivable events as such.

On top of one bed.

A human woman who’s flocked by two vampires.

This situation can be considered as anything if ludicrous. I am intoxicated now.

“Now… …you… …are you craving for more? Plead for it then. Come on… …”

I pushed the woman down on the bed while stroking her head, as sweet as one could, I tenderly whispered those words.

Her cheeks were flushed with the same color as shame, looking up to me with those moistened eyes.

“Heh… …I’m fairly gentle. Don’t think I’m the crueller man here.”

“Hmp. I differ from you.”

With these words, I piled my lips upon the woman’s.

Her eyes seemed to have narrowed with the pleasure.

In the first place, it was rather trivial that I had fallen into this situation.

Now, it has become a state as such.

However, that man… …I had judged that it’d be better to mischievously display this to Mukami Ruki.

That woman had completely fallen into my possession already.

“Now, this time… …where are you wanting it? The shoulders? Or… …further down?”

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I am a bit of hesitant in listening to the Versus II CD because of what was already summarize earlier ALso I am expecting a lot of feels and all those beautiful voices they have, having to hear them with their heartfelt confessions just… *sigh* Also them being all gentle with you just adds up to it..lol maybe later I’ll listen when there’s someone kind enough to translate every dialogue.. for now I have to buy lots of Kleenex… 

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Just hurts knowing that Cordelia has been abusing Laito ever since he was a kid (A KID! for pete’s sake!)… and he needed help, he wanted to be saved but he couldn’t even say or do anything because of great confusion and possibly fear. I just hated Cordelia that they broken up the TRIPLET’S BROTHERLY RELATIONSHIP… Crap they were so close with each other back then and they shared a lot of things as children. I don’t blame any of the boys, not even Ayato for he too was also broken, and I also loved the fact that he too wanted to save Laito deep down in his heart. The Versus II CD we get to see a lot of revelation of the brothers’ relationship with each other and possibly bring out their past and secrets. We can also see a new light on how they truly feel past their exterior self.

Well that’s just in the case of Ayato and Laito’s CD (too damn many feels) I’m not sure with the other brothers’, Rejet might have different scenario.. This is a great start though…

I’m ready.    

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